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 A Child in Ruins, translated by Hugo dos Santos, Writ Large Press (USA)

A selection from three of previously published (in Portuguese) poetry books from the Saramago Prize winning author José Luis Peixoto: A Casa, a Escuridao (The House, the Darkness)Gaveta de Papeis (Drawer of Papers), and A CRINÇA EM RUINAS (A Child in Ruins). Translated for the first time into English by Hugo dos Santos.



The Piano Cemetery, translated by Daniel Hahn, Bloomsbury (hardcover and paperback — UK)

The Lázaro family are carpenters who would rather be piano-makers. In the dusty back room of their carpentry shop in Lisbon is the 'piano cemetery', filled with broken-down pianos that provide the spare parts needed for repairing and rebuilding instruments all over the city. It is a mysterious and magical place, a place of solace, a dreaming place and, above all, a trysting place for lovers. Peixoto weaves the tragic true story of the marathon-runner, Francisco Lázaro, into a rich narrative of love, betrayal, domestic happiness and dashed hopes.



 Antidote, translated by Richard Zenith, Writ Large Press (USA)

Originally published in Portuguese accompanying the album, The Antidote, by goth metal band Moonspell, Antidote is an unprecedented collaboration. This unique book from world-renowned author José Luís Peixoto consists of ten connected short stories, each one inspired by the lyrics, the music, and the spirit of a corresponding track on the original album.



 Blank Gaze, translated by Richard Zenith, Bloomsbury (hardcover and paperback — UK)

Against a backdrop of rural Portuguese poverty, a handful of magical characters are living out their destiny: José, a shepherd, who is visited by a devil whispering violent words in his ear; Moises and Elias, Siamese twins joined at the tip of their little fingers; Gabriel, a wise man, who is over one hundred years old; and an unnamed character who sits writing alone in a windowless room. The characters are universal, and they are all at the mercy of fate - their lives are pulled in different directions and sometimes even suffocated and snuffed out... 

(published in the US as 'The implacable Order of Things')



The Implacable Order of Things, translated by Richard Zenith, hardcover edition publisher by Doubleday/Nan Talese, paperback edition published by Anchor (USA)

(Published in the UK as 'Blank Gaze)




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