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"José Luís Peixoto is one of the most suprising revelations in recent portuguese literature. I have no doubts that he is the safe promisse of a great writer."

José Saramago



"One of the great revelations from the neighbouring country, the young José Luís Peixoto."

El País


"I believe we are in the presence of a great fiction writer and also a great prose writer in Portuguese, capable of extraordinary representations of the real, innovative rhythms and even a structural relationship with musical forms, unprecedented in our country."

Vasco Graça Moura



"Nothing in this universe of words is superfluous, nothing is missing here: the perfect épure of a drawing that is being made visible, beyond the sketch or the symbol that conceal the meaning, and offers the strangeness of a world of quietudes and anguishes, in the serene and disturbing presence of destiny."

Cristina Robalo Cordeiro



"The fantastic is told with the naturalness of everyday life. This ambiguity is also reflected in a writing that slips from one register to another without our being particularly aware of this, from the narration of almost social realism to visionary delight, from voice to consciousness, from the painstaking report of field work to an almost biblical tirade upon the misfortunes of the human being in an eternally ungrateful world."

António Muñoz Molina



"Faulkner, Rulfo, Donoso. Solemn names, but ones that are necessary in order to provide a framework for this product, simultaneously so up-to-date and so old that — not by chance — it won the José Saramago Prize for 2001. (…) Peixoto describes the passion of men lost in a world with no future with a stylistic maturity surprising in a novel that presents itself as the sumptuous visiting card of an author who knew how to extract the just lessons from the classics and personalise them through an unusual narrative density"




"Peixoto comes from the world of poetry and the theatre. And this can be sensed here. His pages, purified in the lyrical prose that makes them unique, introduce us into a rural space burned by the sun, inhabited by the singing of the cicadas and suspended in a mythical time where each action has a biblical inevitability."

Vogue Italia



"Now José Luís Peixoto has that remarkable quality: all that is needed is two lines and we enter into a new continent, a place never before seen in the literary space. Afterwards, it remains to be seen to what extent this can be sustained or developed. And, in this novel, the reader may be sure that after the second or third sequence we are certain that the inclination is fatal: we are going to come up against a limit, a wall, an enigma, in the origin of the world and in the final disaster, in an uncontrollable swirl of beings, words, signs, landscapes, situations, in an extremely elevated intrigue from which we cannot escape."

Eduardo Prado Coelho


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